Do you wonder about the meaning and definition of manipulation, because you feel as though someone is using psychological manipulation techniques on you? 10 signs of manipulation include when someone constantly makes you prove yourself or they communicate passive-aggressively. Manipulators often use gaslighting techniques, and are “always joking”. Also, manipulators play the victim card, or kill you with sporadic kindness, followed by moments when they make you feel small. Manipulators emphasize their calm, cool, and collected side, use emotional blackmail, and take advantage of your trusting and sensitive nature.

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31 thoughts on “10 Signs You're Being Manipulated


  2. Oh the joys of being manipulated. I am not like others and i do not fit in. I tried years ago, to have friends. Then i find people talk about me behind my back. Soon i find people just coming to me claiming that it is my fault. Or they telling what would make them like me and demand me to do those things. Yet they would never want me around when i did them. I was confused. But i will not obey any one, unless i get paid for it.

  3. Ollie Fudge
    Ollie Fudge
    They like to put false comments online thinking I will take the hook and go crying to them with the products held out in my hand, so they pretend to be someone interested when I know full well it ain't in the hope it will emotionally manipulate me into thinking this spying is for my benefit I know it all i ain't fucking stupid.. Making out im sabotaging this up and coming relationship when it's all cover up for what they are really after trust me I'm switched on more than people realise…

  4. Not giving in on this one no way just because it is suddenly important to them because it involves a thing they really need that's why the sudden change of attitude..

  5. Ollie Fudge
    They like to keep trying it on spying etc and think I don't know, they ain't discovering shit for themselves so they can sweat and panic not my problem. The matter of the fact is I have it they don't, fucking ace ain't it. Tables have turned in my favour and I'm keeping my my projects private and confidential for myself…

  6. My cousin tanya mazendambe has been mentally abusing me! She never used to do but all of a sudden she has been mentally bullying me! She is trying to make me go crazy! She is calling me names and telling her friends and then call me and laugh at me! She has 2 kids too so what the hell is she teaching her kids? I wish I wasnt family with her!

  7. My ex told me I emotional manipulated her, so I came here and am I being manipulating her. Actually lol she done most of these and I don't. Table turn.

  8. i think i was the manipulator and i didnt even knew that i was manipulating please help someone idk what to do?

  9. when I lost my phone My friend was saying how horrible he had day that he forgot the phone in the car and it wasnt that bad but when I lost phone it was much much horrible sooooo I think he was trying to being manipulative

  10. Omg the victim card omg she does that every time 😫 yep she always make my problem feel same like how I complain that I felt depressed and showed lots of signs she just say u are not depressed done over react and she said this in the group chat
    Her: I’m cutting my self
    Me: guys I feel sad can we talk
    Everyone: **** no don’t cut bla bla bla
    But she’s not my Friend anymore

  11. My former best friend used to be like this towards me when I couldn’t stand up for myself. She still looks for me at parties and ends up trying to lure me back into the friendship that I don’t want to go back of which I have done a good job by not falling for her traps. She has said some things out of anger at me that made me never want to go back to her. God forbid! Once I started taking care of my mental health I got rid of so many people and I value my space.

  12. My brother was pissed with me earlier so Then when our parents left he came down stairs and started kicking me telling me to kick in and insulting me when he stopped kicking me I seen him pull up a screen recorder on his phone the continued to insult me until he got me to tell him to kill him self so he could use it against me in the future and just started laughing mocking me more till he went outside so I ran upstairs. He’s the reason I want to kill myself I really wish I wasn’t stuck in quarantine with him.

    He also does a lot of other stuff but I don’t want to type it.

    Edit: he also after this sais it’s a joke like tf, and he says “there will be Consequences” I’m literally scared of him

  13. pomocy jestem manipulowana przez patrycję jest ona manipulatorką i kocham was psych2go to mój ulubiony kanał uwielbiam wasze filmiki oglądam je codziennie koniec

  14. I remember when I used to be manipulative to my friend. it was while I was in 5th grade I think. I was clingy and I didn’t want her to go off on her own. I didn’t do blackmail, but I still made her feel bad if she ever left my side. I regret what I did now, we made up and we and very close. but I am still disappointed in myself for making her do stuff she didn’t want to. Even though they weren’t major things, I still manipulated her into doing what I did. Again, we are good friends now, but I still regret what I did.
    Take care guys and don’t be a puppet for someone else, even if you think it’s nothing!

  15. Im a manipulator and compulsive liar..
    I wanna stop, its too late, i started at age 10, im 11 now,,,
    My family will hate me when they find out and i cant get mental help yet

  16. Oh do I know this person sooooo well! Not always as extreme as every example but utterly guilty of every single method of manipulation! All it did was push me away and shut my emotions down towards him.

  17. Wow. I am Gaslighting people without even knowing it—–😂
    I know how to manipulate someone, but I don't do it. I will only do it to someone who I think deserves it. It is not that hard if you are a sociopath. Don't get me wrong, I am kind to those who deserve kindness. Now, people in the responses may keep saying "Same!" Although, it is not the same.
    Friends that are manipulators can be teachers to the victims, so thus, the same will happen to them. Never forget that..

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