The cup of life, this is the one
Now is the time, don’t ever stop
Push it along, gotta be strong
Push it along, right to the top
The feelin’ in your soul is gonna take control
Nothing can hold you back if you really want it
I see it in your eyes you want the cup of life
Now that the day is here, gotta go and get it
Do you really want it? (Yeah!)
Do you really want it? (Yeah!)
Here we go! Ale, ale, ale!
Go, go, go! Ale, ale, ale!
Tonight’s the night we’re gonna celebrate
The cup of life! Ale, ale, ale!
The cup of life, it’s do or die
It’s here, it’s now, turn up the lights
Push it along, then let it roll
Push it along, go, go, goal
And when you feel that heat, the world is at your feet
No one can hold you down if you really want it
Just steal your destiny, rght…

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